Michelle L., Quincy
I came into Ess Aar today  with great trepidation: my first full-on Brazilian bikini wax. After  hearing a few personal horror stories, I was extremely hesitant to try  waxing but really, really needed an alternative to painful shaving. 

Let me put it like this: Prior to today, I did not have a Yelp account. I MADE this account because Ridi (apologies if I misspell her name) was so incredibly kind, approachable and amazing at her job that she made me WANT to Yelp. Not physically though; Ridhi verbally prepared me for every move she was making. She was constantly asking if I was comfortable, if the wax was the right temperature. By the time we'd made it most of the way through, she and I were chatting and LAUGHING. Yes, I actually laughed as she waxed my pubic area. Because Ridhi is the kind  of person who knows how awkward and intimate a Brazilian can be-- and she knows how to behave so that it's not creepy or oddly depersonalized. Despite the discomfort of the waxing, I actually had FUN.

I left wanting to have tea with this woman. I will return any time, for any of  their extremely reasonably priced beauty options, and not simply because it's local, clean, brightly lit and comparatively cheap, but  because I felt like I was being treated like a person. 

Angela M., Stoughton
I go  to Ess Aar for facials for two reasons: one - they make my skin the best it's been, and two - they are the most relaxing thing ever! Ess Aar  is very knowledgeable about which products will be the most helpful to your skin. Everything she has recommended I try at home, can be found at Target inexpensively. Pumpkin enzyme facials are the best and I have seen huge improvements since going here! They list prices and services online, and they are totally worth trying!

Gaenslie L

The aesthetician was fantastic. I had an awesome facial, and scalp massage. Very relaxing

Elaine G.

Yes,  I did have a Brazilian , and it was done with such care and no pain. I will definitely go back. I also had my legs and underarms  waxed...totally painless...great experience, very friendly and put at  ease and comfortable the minute you enter the salon.

Jamie M.

Wonderful. Great facial, really nice, customer service driven people.  

Nicole H.
The  staff at this salon really make an effort to make sure you are as comfortable as can be during treatment. They are all very kind and deliver impeccable customer service. As a customer who walked in nervous  and unsure, I walked out as a satisfied and changed customer with a big  smile on my face.

Very professional and clean spa! Best service ever! Great & friendly service!! Very knowledgeable.

The staff were very friendly and quick! I didn't know this place was there but I was happy to try it and will go again.

Kerry R.

Amazing facial & personalized care, best salon on South Shore!

Elaine K., South Weymouth
Five  star ?? YES !!!! I went to Ess Aar  Salon and had a back facial, something I did not know even existed. I am so hooked, this facial was  an experience of a lifetime. Not only does it serve as a facial it is  also a massage, and with hot stones added , I was in heaven!!!! If you  have never had one you are so missing out . Sensational !!!!

Micaela C., Weymouth
Went  in today and couldn't have been happier. Ridhi was so sweet and accommodating, and she knows what she's doing. I have very sensitive skin and I'm usually such a cry baby when it comes to brazilians, but I  was surprised at how painless this one was. She was super thorough and  had me in a couple different...ahem...­positions to make sure she got everything.

I had of course checked the yelp reviews before I  went, so I decided I had to try the threading as well. I'm still  mystified by how it actually works, but all I know is that in about 5  minutes I had perfectly sculpted eyebrows with very little redness. And  the best part? $10.

If you live on the south shore, and even if you don't (i dont) it's worth the trip.

Jenna R., North Weymouth
It  was my first time experiencing Brazilian wax so the worker was very accommodating and very patient with me. Helped me feel comfortable. It was an excellent experience. Very welcoming environment as well. I'd definitely go back.

Gabrielle M., Hudson NH
I  walked right in when I was in town for an eyebrow thredding and they took me right away and I was soo happy with the outcome.  My eyebrows looked great! And it only cost me $10! I was very impressed with  the service and I would love to go back there sometime :)

The workers were very warm and patient. The prices are reasonable. The environment is also welcoming.

Mary O'B.
The esthetician was amazing. Facial was great. I also had my eyebrows done. The whole experience was fabulous!!!!! I loved this place!! Easy to find, fast and quality service, very very friendly and nice. I can't wait for my next appointment!
Wonderful experience! I would definitely return!!

Multiple Reviews
Ridhi  was absolutely wonderful. She took me as a last minute appointment and  made me feel completely comfortable. 

Ridhi was meticulous in her work, and spent the time necessary to nix each and every hair. I will  certainly be returning to Ess Aar beauty salon! 

Wonderful service, easy to find, lovely staff. I will definitely go again.

Great place, excellent service and the most awesome staff!

Good little place...I did not know about it earlier.

I had an amazing experience at this salon, Ridhi was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I won't be going anywhere else for a wax but Ess Aar. 

Very friendly and did a very good job. They did quality work and provided a comfortable atmosphere. I will definitely go back. 

Best Brazilian I've ever gotten. Least painful, nice staff, they give you  their undivided attention and really try to take care of you. 

I am very happy with the results and will definitely be going back. 

I didn't know about this business. I'm glad I went and will surely return! I have already recommended this place to friends. 

The female owner/proprietor is the sweetest, most caring person you could meet. 

I wasn't aware the salon existed. I had a fantastic experience! Very nice ladies. fantastic threading, fantastic wax. She was professional and very pleasant. 

Wonderful clean and professional salon with great prices. I will definitely be back! 

K.C., Needham
Absolutely  amazing! Ridhi was friendly, kind, soothing and thorough! My third-ever  Brazilian was easy and as painless as the procedure could be! I honestly couldn't believe how little it hurt, especially when  considering how much the first two had hurt. I will absolutely be  returning.

Kimberly B., Rockland
I went in  today for my first Brazilian wax. They were very welcoming as I walked  in, and I decided to give threading a shot while I waited. This was also my first experience with threading, My eyebrows came out incredible,  and as she was doing it she explained in detail why threading was good.  She also helped calm my nerves about my first brazilian! Great experience!

As for the brazilian! I was expecting it to be very  painful after seeing the dramatic wax scenes in movies such as miss  congeniality. It hurt a little as expected, but not half as bad! My  waxer was very comforting and careful. She made my horrific thoughts  disappear!

Overall I had a great experience and I would recommend this place to anyone!

Shauna C., Braintree
I  live in the Braintree and out of convenience I am guilty of going to  the threading spa at the Plaza when I needed my eyebrows done. They  always did a horrible job but like I said it was convenient. 

After  years of tweezing away my eyebrows I wanted to grow them and shape them  for my upcoming wedding. I stumbled upon Ess Aar and will not go  anywhere else after going here! Ridhi does an amazing job and takes her  time. She will not let you leave the chair until everything is perfect.  She is very personable and makes the threading experience painless! I  WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS TO EVERYONE!!! She's awesome!

Kelly G., Rockland 

Fantastic  threading spa, best I've been to in MA. Prices are great, the staff is always so friendly. I used to dread going to get my eyebrows done, and I now look forward to it. Ridhi is very talented and makes the threading process painless! They have many services I look forward to taking advantage of such as henna hair treatments, tattoos, and a variety of facials. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

G.B., Randolph 

A GEM of a salon, with a warm & friendly atmosphere, excellent prices, and superb service. Ridhi is a wonderful woman who truly cares about her clients. Bravo!!

Robin M., Walpole
I've  been going to Ess Aar pretty much since they opened.  Ridhi does a fabulous job - much much better than those spas in the malls.  I can  call anytime and she's there for me.  The salon is warm and welcoming -  Ridhi is as sweet as can be.

Braintree Patch

E.M., Braintree
I cannot say enough nice things about the owner, Ridhi.  I get my eyebrows threaded here.  She does a fantastic job.  

The  best part of going to Ess Aar is Ridhi; herself! She is such a nice person and funny!. There was a time I called the Salon and her associate said she had stepped away. The associate called her at home and she came right to the shop just to do my eyebrows!    

She has added  more services since she fist opened...massage, waxing, Henna Tattoos,  eyelash extensions.  Prices are  very reasonable.  

Hidden treasure!  Go!...you won't be disappointed!

Highly recommend Ess Aar.

S.B., Braintree

They  are excellent here! so kind and friendly, such a breath of fresh air. The prices are more than reasonable and the threading and waxing was painless! I would recommend this to everyone!